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daenerys_1's LJ is Friends Only

For many reasons this journal is now friends-only. If you'd like me to friend you, just leave me a comment and I probably will :) Just tell me how you know me and/or how you found my journal.

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huhuh. :)

UM so YA! i just like serfed in, and i thnk ur ttlly KeWLiEZ K??!!

WE cUD b frenz iF u liKe?! OMGWTFBBQ it wud be so kewliez! K!!1

awe, dont leave me out -_- I liek reading whats up with you since i havent seen you in years and years and years (..iand years?)

Aw, I wasn't gonna leave you out! I'm not unfriending anybody that's already on my friends list :) I'm just not gonna let the general public read my journal :)

Hey :) I'm working on the "regular updates" thing, slowly but surely. Can I be your friend, pretty please?

Hey! I will certainly friend you, Katie. I didn't even get this comment in my e-mail for some reason -.-;

Hi, I found your journal through the All About Labs group, where you made an entry about Jack. We had some similar interests, and I figure that anyone who loves labs is a great person to talk to. So, I'm adding you to my friends' list...hope you will do the same for me!

Hey! I've added you to my friends' list too :) Nice to meet you!

Have proof your bike was yours? If so, I'd suggest taking a walk down Paisley and look for it chained up possibly. I don't mean to be vague, but I don't want to say who I am either.

BOOOO, hey it was really nice meeting you, hence I'm adding you!!!! Blame chris!

haha :) It was nice meeting you too! I don't really update that often anymore because of evil and passive Facebook. I'll post Muse pics on my LJ if you didn't get them off Chris yet (did you?).

Hi. I was just looking for Mississauga people to add to my reading list. I saw we have a few interests in common so I thought I'd say hi and see if I can get on your list. :)

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